Medicine Trolley

Medicine Trolley

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Specification: 750*480*930mm

1. It is suitable for medical staff to give first aid to patients;

2. Main body: mainly composed of aluminum, steel and ABS engineering plastic structure; Four column bearing;

3. The ABS double-layer bottom injection molding process shapes the handrail countertops on both sides, and the concave design can prevent objects from sliding. The countertops are equipped with stainless steel guardrails, transparent soft glass, defibrillation platform, invisible auxiliary workbench, and side data boxes, which are convenient for storing data. A flower basket and two 2L round sharp gas barrels are equipped on the left and right sides respectively; Two ABS trash cans are convenient for storing garbage;

4.  Lift the outer rod and inner rod of the infusion frame Φ 16,4 Φ 6 whirl; Back: upper and lower support hooks of defibrillation board, 5m power plug-in board, oxygen cylinder base;

5. Central lock, equipped with five drawers (two small drawers, two middle drawers, one large drawer), with 3*3 separators built-in, which can be separated freely;

6. Luxury silent casters, two of which are equipped with brakes, can use the brake function in any state, strong and durable, and can be pushed and turned at will on the flat ground;

7. Size:

Small drawing outer depth: 470*390*72mm inner depth: 425*375*72mm

Middle extraction outer depth: 470 * 390 * 112mm inner depth: 425 * 375 * 112mm 

Large pumping outer depth: 470*375*230mm inner depth: 425*375*230mmll extraction panel: 495*80mm

Middle extraction panel: 495*120mm

Large extraction panel: 495*235mm

Table surface area: 520*435mm

Height: wheel to table: 940mm wheel to guardrail: 1020mm

Wheel to defibrillation platform: 1185mm

Accessory size: defibrillation platform: 350*300mm auxiliary workbench: 340*295mm

Small flower basket: 130*330*120mm large flower basket: 336*180*150mm

Garbage can: 170*170*226mm with cover height: 295mm

Data box: 410*110*320mm needle breaking cylinder: 130*130*115mm

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation plate: 530*410*20mm infusion rod: 865mm