Infant/Baby Radiant Warmer

Infant/Baby Radiant Warmer

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Product Feature

1. Air temp. servo-controlled by computer

2. > 37ºC temperature setting

3. Various and self-check alarms

4. Removable humidity reservoir, easy to clean

5. With the transfusion shelf and tray

6. RS-232 connector

7. Phototherapy (option)

8. Free-step mattress tilting adjustment(option)

Technical Specification

Electrical requirement

220V 50Hz or ~ 230V 60Hz

Power consumption

≤ 450VA

Air mode temp. range

25.0ºC~ 37.0ºC

Air over temp. range

< 38.0ºC

Air mode high temp. range

37.1ºC~ 39.0ºC

High temp. mode alarm

< 40.0ºC

Air mode alarm


Air control accuracy

≤ 0.5ºC

Mattress temp. uniformity

≤ 0.8ºC


≤ 55dB(A)