Hematology Analyzer (Cell counter)

Hematology Analyzer (Cell counter)

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Quick Details:

Type:                                       Blood Analysis System, Blood Analysis System

Brand Name:                           ASPO

Place of Origin:                       China

Instrument classification:         Class II

Warranty:                                1 Year

After-sale Service:                   technical support

Name:                                      Hematology analyzer / 5 part differential blood cell counter.

Function:                                 Blood Analyzing.

Display:                                   8.4" color TFT, Windows interface displayed simultaneously

Large storage capacity:            10,000 blood test samples

Low sample consumption:      venous 9.8 u l, prediluted 20 u l for twice testing one time

Interface:                                 RS232 interface, PC connecting

Color:                                      White

Application:                             Human and Veterinary